The SOPRANABRUNO, also known as the Ante-Turbe, serves as the main gate to the extensive Regali Cemetery. The upper floor window is fashioned after the lacy treatments indicative of Venetian architecture. The Sopranabruno was built in 1995, and looks onto the brightly tiled Gindangerac Square.

If you are wondering why there seem to be so many mausoleums and tombs in Venti├žello, the answer lies with my cat, Sparkey. She used to be quite the mouser, the 'lizarder', and the 'birder'. She would place the unfortunate creature at the front door or other choice locations as a present. I buried them, or in some cases, erected a monument to honor the deceased, and to remember Sparkey's generosity. The word for 'gifts' in Italian is Regali, so the name was applied to the cemetery.

Click photo above to see into the window