The photograph above was taken around 1978 of my aquarium city I named Carsamba (pronounced CHAR-sham-bah). It was a 55 gallon fish tank for which I built ceramic structures. Dominant fish took up residence in the larger structures, and chased the smaller species out of their domestic territory. Most of the buildings in the photo were eventually transferred to Venti├žello years after I took down the aquarium.

Notice the small building with the two pencil thin minarettes toward the left side of the photo. It was called the Yemodyahaz. When the door was removed, a feeding bowl hanging from the ceiling was filled with worms. This was the special 'restaurant' for the mini frogs inhabiting Carsamba. It is the Yemodyahaz's dome which eventually came to rest atop the tower of the Ideimiste University in Venti├žello.

Scroll down a little further for a closer view of the Yemodyahaz and the Cagdir Temple which has a large sea green onion dome. The Cagdir had been the realm of the most powerful ruler of Carsamba, a catfish with bright red fins and a temper to match her fiery color. Her name was Ozlem. She actively ruled the left side of the tank while the slightly more benevolent Dukkuzure ruled the right.