The SPIDER TEMPLE is named for some multi-limbed gargoyles clinging to it, human figures with up to eight limbs, who hold precarious positions more apt to the spider. The building is made from stoneware and porcelain with glaze. It is in stark contrast to the terra-cotta clay used in the village as the more common building material. The statues around the Temple once served as chess pieces in a set I'd sculpted for an exhibit in Paris. The show was called Tritons Bleus-Vermeils, where the chess pieces lead up to a huge painting with a chess motif. After the exhibit closed and the pieces returned home from their Parisian excursion, the statues were scattered throughout the village to form "sculpted forests ". The Spider Temple, by the way, was one of the rooks.

Click on the photo above to see one of the nooks behind the temple.