One day, the two subjects posing as tailors in hats of the trade, called on the palace's advisor of garments,

For It Was She

Who chose the highest quality robes for His Majesty's wardrobe. The 2 men claimed

To have made a fabric so subtly perfect,

That only those with intelligence can see it. This being so,

The fine fabric would be invisible to the simple minded.





The oil painting on sculpted terracotta support is titled "Guardians in Ventiçello". I painted it in 1995. The piece is 9.5" long by 3.25" high (24 cms x 8 cms). A miniature, which hangs in the Ponte dei Sospiri of Ventiçello.

The inserted photo of the wall I used to decorate the left side of the drawing above is the façade of the Lucertola: a mausoleum I built in terracotta to commemorate a lizard my cat had caught. The structure dates from 1992. It was sculpted with the Romanesque style in mind.

You may have noticed that the characters in this story are not figurative drawings of people. Instead, they are the hieroglyphic words that refer to the characters in question. These players are equally dressed in hieroglyphs describing their clothing and accessories.

In the illustration above, the first 3 lines of the text are written in the right hand panel, and the last 3 lines are in the left panel.