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At the Third Language Creation Conference at Brown University, I displayed a section of chapter 8 of Melville's novel "Billy Budd". I translated it into Tapissary. The first two sentences of that chapter have been turned into a kind of song heard on this short video. I wrote the music using Garageband. Here is the text in English, followed by Tapissary.


The lieutenants and other commissioned gentlemen forming Captain Veres staff it is not necessary here to particularize, nor needs it to make any mention of any of the warrant officers. But among the petty officers was one who, having much to do with the story, may as well be forthwith introduced.


Ze lyëtnañw na droushca comisyiiñou mitralic_adaµw cölibad capiten Veren staf o isis néséser htar la parcyëlëriz, nor beshzohon o mëzca ebar meniiñ yebar yze mañda wazifiwr. Mas bain ze pëti wazifiwr, hi pyeñ é oñ shë, xazad metr fer tis psö yistwar, miñ oubiñ byiñ psa forthtis vosttou.