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The Language Creation Society

LCS is a cultural meeting point for people who construct languages. Each year, the Society expands its horizons. The website includes a blog, a podcast, reference material, and most uniquely, Language Creation Conferences. There are links to watch many of the lectures from the conferences. The focus is on invented language, but also includes contributions by linguists.


Omniglot is an encyclopedic guide to writing systems, from ancient to modern. In addition to hundreds of world scripts, Omniglot also has a sizable section on invented alphabets. Linguistic articles, a blog, a forum, invaluable reference links, and other resources make Omniglot both an essential library and playground for the language enthusiast and researcher.



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Orgom Silawa

A language by Neal Wiley. Includes his Chrestomathy, vocabulary, grammar, films, etc.


A language by Ziecken. Extensive vocabulary building with 'keys' based on the Gods and Goddesses.

Tan Tyls, and others...

A very colorful array of many languages created by David Peterson. The above sample is called Tan Tyls.


A language that Sally Caves first began as a young child, richly filled out with imagination and her artwork.


A psychodelic three dimensional language written in evolving motion. Creation of Diana Reed Slattery. Click on icon at left to visit the impressive animated website.


Rikchik, the creation of Denis Moskowitz, is the logographic writing system of alien Rikchik creatures who use their tentacles to sign their language.


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