From May 27 to June 21, 2008, I will be exhibiting Tapissary in New York City, in a show at Amos Eno Gallery called "The Fortress in a Secret Alphabet." Images will be posted as I progress with the work. Each drawing will measure six by three feet, leaving ample room for detail. The two dark bold shapes you see above are segments from a single celloglyph (hieroglyph), meaning AROMA. This is only a small portion of the celloglyph.

Since posting the above paragraph several months ago, I have refined the concept. To date, the title now reads: "The Tapestry in an Alphabet" or "The Paper Tapestries of Tapissary". Each word in the title will be rendered into its Tapissed hieroglyph, in large format, with the same dimensions as mentioned above. Each wall of the gallery will carry one hieroglyph. Texts in Tapissary and images are collaged onto their host hieroglyphic giants. Date of this posting: 8 22 2007

The following page is a translation of the text from the right hand side image.