This prepositional phrase is the second half of the sentence I have been demonstrating. The vocabulary is listed on the following page. Notice how the word meaning "with" is stretched to accommodate the other members of the phrase. The calligraphic art from Turkey was inspirational in directing me to a multi-layered lettering style. When words stack upon their neighbors, a proximity declares itself. In Tapissary, these gatherings can be built tall, as long as the context is also conceptually binding. In the early years, I would cluster the celloglyphs indiscriminately. But this is no longer the case. Prepositional phrases, valleys formed between verbs, and descriptive clusters are well served by their hieroglyphic huddle. The 'sunrise' phrase above is only 2 layers high. The word "WITH" which is at the baseline level, scoops up the remaining celloglyphs onto a secondary path. You can see how the celloglyphs are stitched into the main prepositional thread of 'WITH'. It's like the warp and weft of a fabric being woven on a loom. The relation of my language to textiles is not so distant. The name Tapissary is derived from the French 'tapisserie' which means tapestry. I chose this correlation to reflect the fact that my hieroglyphic language is picture oriented, and that the design and images on tapestries also illustrate various genres. I found the warmth the fabric lends to the subject matter appealing.